PRC is an experienced manufacturer of superhard CBN and Diamond abrasives. Our main products are Diamend and CBN grinding wheels (resin and vitrified bond grinding wheels, metal bond grinding wheels, eletronical and brazed grinding wheels, large diameter grinding flap discs, centerless grinding wheels, PDC, diamond wire saw...Our products are widely applied to various areas such as aerospace,earthworks,machinie tool industry, general engineerings, etc. We accept CUSTOMIZED order.

Based in Xiamen, China. We are actively involved in manufacturing and our main focus is in the design and delivery of quality super-hard grinding tools like Diamond Wheel, Vitrified Bonded CBN Wheel, resin wheel, etc. These tools are widely used in processing precision machinery, optoelectronic materials, magnetic materials functional ceramics, which are necessary tools for the industries of Machinery, Auto, Electronic, Aviation, Spaceflight, National Defense, etc. Our specialization lies in designing and developing products as per customers' specifications.


Grinding wheel processing: beginning with the selection of particles and bonds, and mixing the raw materials, and calibration the proportions of each material as needed, following, press forming the mixture to certain shapes, then, firing sintered abrasive discs in a kiln, after, firmly composing the abrasive and metal plate and polising wheel's surface, finally, our quality control department will rigorly inspect the grinding wheel. Learn more >>