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Brand Introduction
 Zhongnan Diamond Co., Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of superhard materials, high-quality powder superhard materials, cubic boron nitride market share in the world. The company is located in Chinese historical and cultural city - Nanyang. The company "leading technology, innovation and the future" as a guide, is committed to systematic innovation products superhard materials, superhard materials industry in China the main driving force of technological progress. The company has a ministerial-level R & D center, with a full set of international standards and testing equipment, has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification, environmental system has reached the international advanced level through ISO14001 certification, product quality. Companies to "create value for customers, help customers succeed" as a concept, and a large number of new and old customers to form a coalition interests and seek common development of the industry, can provide long-term stability for customers with higher quality products and services.

Nearly 20 years of reform and innovation, so that we place among the ranks of advanced global superhard materials, and won the "China Famous Brand" and "customer first brand of choice," the honorary title. Looking to the future, we will provide you with the most valuable services for the purpose, so that the application of superhard material increases dazzling brilliance of human civilization. At the same time we're cutting edge of technology products superhard materials were tough tireless exploration, will continue to develop products to make you look forward to providing services to make your move to the development of the Industrial Revolution and the prosperity and progress of the world to make greater contribution.

The company has reached the national waste-related standards, stabling projects are in accordance with the National Environmental Protection three simultaneous requirements, in July 2006, the company adopted the cleaner production audits.

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