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Paris Air Show - International Aeronautics & Space Show - Paris Le Bourget

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Show Date 2015-06-17 To 2015-06-23
Exhibition City
Display Address Europe - France - Paris
Hall Name Europe - France - Paris
Organizers 法国巴黎国际航天航空展览会
Show Description

Exhibits range

Civil aircraft, military aircraft, aircraft maintenance, airport construction, ground facilities, UAV, information technology, navigation technology, aviation parts, airport equipment, airport construction, helicopter, scheduling system.

Exhibition introduction

France Paris International Aerospace Exhibition is one of the world's largest and most prestigious international aviation and aerospace exhibition venue located in the northeast of Paris, Boolean the Bourget airport. The first session of the Paris air show in September 25, 1909 1924 after the opening, as once every two years, every odd year held in early summer. During the first and second world wars, the Paris air show was interrupted, but the rapid restoration of host.

The last review

Exhibitors: 2190 exhibitors, including 1182 from abroad

Audience: 292474, 14420 of them from abroad

The exhibition area: 124804

The exhibition highlights: China: scale exhibition, "Xiaolong" first flight performance;

Boeing 747-8 passenger, cargo,: 787 dreams plane appearance, show the latest sky interior;

Airbus: A380 aircraft, A400M military transport aircraft in 2050 debut, exhibition concept cabin.

Unlimited Business Opportunities

A wide range of display of the aerospace industry R & D results to the people, the most advanced technology, new materials, sophisticated aircraft and spacecraft design and testing technology research.

Paris air show to now have 102 years of history, it Chinese than any one aviation companies, airlines even than China air force more ancient history.

Air Paris witnessed the rise and break the world aviation industry hair.

Between Europe and China aviation market

Europe during the period of 1980-2000 air transport expanded three times. Is expected to double also before 2020, and the China aviation industry is in rapid development. Between Chinese and EU aviation market has great potential. China currently recognizes community aviation law, is conducive to the two regional cooperation. The EU hopes to strengthen the EU and Chinese aviation cooperation in various fields to achieve true partnership. At present, the field of technical cooperation scale significantly, form overall EU Chinese air service agreements to meet their respective interest would be the natural target.

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