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A brief description of the trimming tools used for wheel hub bearings
- Dec 13, 2016 -

1, the car's wheel bearings in the past is the largest use of single-row side cone roller female or ball bearings in the previous few years when the general are used to repair the super-hard tools are used to repair diamond dressing tool, with tools Delicate requirements, the requirements of molding technology, we can use the diamond dressing roller to the workpiece forming a dressing.

  2, in the dressing can be used tangential dressing method, assuming the direction along the grinding wheel radius of the total amount of dressing, the diamond wheel along the tangential direction to the grinding wheel cut into the diamond wheel and grinding wheel contact and start dressing, finishing a certain distance from the wheel after the end Dressing. The major disadvantage of the tangential dressing method is that the abrasive cutting edge is not sharp and the grinding performance is poor. The surface of the workpiece surface is prone to burn or crack after grinding. The main reason for the abrasive cutting edge is not sharp: during the dressing process, the diamond wheel is relatively The normal cut-in rate of the grinding wheel is unstable and gradually reduced. Diamond wheel on the grinding wheel is still a very small role in repairing the light, so that the abrasive is finally cut to repair very broken, cutting blade smooth and blunt. Grinding performance is poor.