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A brief introduction of the abrasive products and bore grinding rod
- Dec 13, 2016 -

Abrasives in our lives and production in the more common a product used in the life of the people used to sharpen the stones, or steel mill; sawing saw grinding; grinding with the sandpaper; ground glass used Grinding wheels for grinders; Grinding wheels for grinding wheels for cars, Grinding boards for sanding after painting on the boards, and the like. The industry also has more, grinding the grinding wheel, grinding all kinds of stone wheel, grinding mobile phone panels with mobile phone glass grinding rods, mobile phone touch screen with a glass sand knife, reamer grinding rod, grinding golf club with the saw blade, With the mill to be grinding stone can be used to Secretary of the wheel, there are all kinds of files, but also with the grinding hole within the hole grinding rod, ceramic grinding ceramic grinding wheel and so on. These are our more commonly used abrasive.

A tool used to grind, polish, cut, and grind. The majority of its manufacture is the use of artificial abrasives, high temperature and high pressure, with a binder to sand the abrasive glued to the substrate, and thus become a manufacturing abrasive products. The matrix is based on specific specifications, and materials, mostly metal. Abrasives are mainly natural abrasives, synthetic materials, natural diamond, and synthetic diamond, because a variety of materials have their own advantages are not defects, thus creating a variety of models of products for grinding Processing a variety of products. In addition to diamond, there are tungsten steel, boron nitride and other grinding materials. Their common characteristics are relatively hard, can withstand relatively high temperatures without dissolving, grinding other products used in a long time, but also resistant to high pressure. So they are very suitable for abrasive materials. Abrasives in addition to metal processing and other machinery manufacturing industry is widely used in-line, but also for other multi-field use. For example, for the processing of paper, glass polished, agricultural food processing, ceramic polishing, grinding stone industry, the rubber industry, grinding, grinding of wood and so on.