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Analysis of diamond turning tool angle
- Dec 13, 2016 -

1. The purpose of the positive rake is to reduce the chip was cut when the elastic deformation and chip outflow and front of the frictional resistance, thereby reducing the cutting force and cutting heat, so cutting light and improve the quality of the machined surface. When machining brittle materials, the chips break down, the length of the chip and the tool in front of the contact length L is short, the cutting force concentrates on the cutting edge to pay close, and the impact, easy to cause chipping, the selected angle should be smaller than the processing of plastic materials , To improve the cutting edge strength and heat dissipation capacity.

 2. The processing of plastic materials, because the chip was band-shaped, along the front of the tool outflow and contact length of the front L is longer, greater friction, in order to reduce the deformation and friction, the general use of positive rake angle. The greater the plasticity of the workpiece material, the lower the strength and hardness, the greater the angle should be selected.

3. Increase the anterior horn can inhibit or eliminate the BUE, reduce the radial cutting force; high hardness, mechanical plus large and brittle materials, should take smaller rake angle; processing hardness, mechanical strength is small And the plastic material, take a larger rake angle; roughing should take a smaller rake angle, finishing a larger rake angle; high-speed cutting, the anterior horn on the chip deformation and cutting force of small, desirable Smaller rake angle.