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Brief introduction on the key points of NC diamond wheel
- Dec 13, 2016 -

1. After receiving the diamond forming roller, first check the cylindricality of the inner hole of the roller, the verticality of the datum plane to the inner hole, and the parallel degree of the two planes should not exceed 3μm.

2. Try to use a dedicated roller dressing device to ensure the wheel installation and use of the process of precision and rigidity, after installation should ensure that the roller hole and the installation of the shaft with the gap between the control accuracy in IT5 level, as far as possible to maintain about 5μm, and The datum of the roller base and the wheel should not be bigger than 3μm. Do not use the hard object knocking wheel during the installation to avoid the damage of the reference or the surface disfigurement. When the installation shaft diameter is large and the hole diameter is tight , You can use the hot method to install.

3. Diamond wheel before use to check the dresser of the steering and speed, so that wheel rotation and the opposite wheel (line speed in the same direction), wheel and wheel speed ratio between the lines maintained at 0.3-0.6 as well as wheel and wheel Between the speed as much as possible to avoid multiple relationships to achieve the best use of roller effect.