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Briefly on Types and Structures of Diamond Turning Tools
- Dec 13, 2016 -

At present, the national development of strategic emerging industries, the urgent need for independent innovation of high-end products, so as to meet the future needs of industrial production, the current hardware industry, the most prominent problem is the short life tool life and serious consumption, we must develop a A series of diamond tools, today we have to look at the WA series of diamond tools to use the structure of its type. In addition, a series of diamond cutting tools, cutting tools, cutting tools, cutting tools,

There are many diamond tools classification methods, according to the structure of classification, can also be classified according to use, let us elaborate below:

By structure:

Can be divided into the overall turning tool lathe tool folder (lathe tool re-turning tool) can be turning tool (machine folder does not re-grinding tool)

According to the purpose of classification, a use can use a turning tool.

 1. Outside turning tools (generally the size of the main angle of the name, mostly right-cutter)

Role: Machining cylindrical, a few can be used for chamfering

 Common structure: straight head, elbow

(1) straight outside the cylindrical tool is only used to process the outer surface, sub-left and right edge

(2) elbow Outer tool used to turn the workpiece cylindrical, face and chamfer, the most commonly used

(3) 90 ° slanting the outer surface of the slender shaft and end plane and turning ladder axis

(4) wide blade fine knife large knife amount, the amount of snake knives under the conditions of fine cylindrical surface.