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Causes of Damage to Diamond Tool and Precautions for Grinding
- Dec 13, 2016 -

1, the diamond tool wear more complex, the common wear and tear for the macro-wear, is generally used for too long, mainly mechanical wear and tear, common diamond tool wear pattern is rake face wear, flank wear and edge crack. In the single crystal diamond tool grinding process, the need to wear to meet the requirements of the blade grinding tool, but if there is unnecessary wear and tear may have been sharpening the front and rear flank surface. The edge of the crack (that is, chipping) is the edge of the stress on the diamond tool than the local ability to bear occurs, usually by the crystal along the crystal surface of the micro-cleavage damage caused.

2, there is a cause of wear and tear is a hot chemical wear, the principle is in ultra-precision machining, diamond cutting edge blunt radius is relatively small, itself is hard and brittle materials, and because of its anisotropic and easy to face The occurrence of cleavage, with the vibration and the impact of grinding wheel sand on the edge of the knife, it is often accompanied by chipping phenomenon.