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CNC forming wheel grinding machine with what tools to dress the gear
- Dec 13, 2016 -

CNC shaping wheel grinding machine can dress any shape of the gear, then the dressing of the gear, we can use diamond pen and diamond wheel two kinds of dressing, diamond pen trim structure is simple, low cost, in theory, can get a higher finishing accuracy . Due to the serious wear of diamond pen, short life, wear is difficult to estimate, can not be accurately compensated, resulting in grinding wheel profile accuracy of consistency is poor, for large gear grinding effect, gradually replaced by diamond wheel dressing. Diamond wheel high rigidity, large amount of dressing, high efficiency, the use of trajectory envelope method, more suitable for finishing complex forming surface. Diamond wheel dressing wheel method is divided into cut-in roller dressing and swinging wheel dressing.

The diamond wheel is rotated at the high speed by the trimmer motor and cut along the radial direction of the grinding wheel. In order to dress the forming surface, the diamond wheel and the grinding wheel are moved relative to each other in the axial direction, and the dressing wheel and grinding wheel are trimmed. A certain wire-speed ratio around its own center of rotation. Grinding wheel along its own axis (Y axis) direction reciprocating motion, finishing roller along its own radial (W axis) direction to follow a certain proportion of the relationship between grinding wheel axial movement. Y-axis and W-axis interpolation to go arc or straight line, diamond wheel R circular arc center to follow the contours of the contour line. The contact point between the wheel and the grinding wheel envelops the grinding wheel.