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Points for Attention in Dressing of Diamond Wheel
- Dec 13, 2016 -

1. Diamond grinding wheel is a valuable tool, only used in the processing of high hardness materials, and should not be used to grind general steel or other soft materials.

 2. Diamond wheel mounted flange, but also after static balance can be used. It should be noted that do not remove the flange from the flange before it is used up. In daily use, many operators are accustomed to the wheel is operating, because this direction can be used on the strength, in fact, this behavior is the wheel drive operation should be specifically prohibited behavior. According to the operating procedures, the use of grinding wheel grinding workpiece, the operator should stand on the side of the wheel, not in the front of the wheel to operate, so as to avoid grinding wheel out of the grinding wheel flying out or wrecked wounding.

 3. The use of diamond grinding wheel machine, its rigidity is better, the spindle to select the high precision (radial runout of not more than 0.01 mm), and can be traversed to the traverse. In the daily use of the grinder, we can often find some operators regardless of the type of grinding wheel, regardless of the type of grinding wheel, casually on the use of the grinding wheel side, which is a serious violation of safe operation of illegal operations behavior. According to the regulations with the circular surface to do the work surface of the grinding wheel should not use the side of the grinding, the radial strength of the wheel, axial strength is very small, the operator force is too large will cause grinding wheel broken, or even hurt, in actual The use of this process should be prohibited.