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Points for Attention of Diamond Boring
- Dec 13, 2016 -

1. Press the fine boring unit and rotate it until the dowel pin on the clamp is positioned in a hole in the clamp, the correct position is the arrow on the clamp and the cutting edge in a straight line. At this point, tighten the clamp nut until the clearance on the fine boring unit threads can be felt, which occurs when the adjustment nut becomes easy to rotate.

 2, the replacement of diamond boring tool card, first of all we clamp clamping fixture in the vise, the boring unit into the fixture, and turn it until the spring loaded plunger into the knife section of the rear section of the knife straight Slot, the rotary boring unit is positioned and the plunger is inserted. And install the clamp nut on the fine boring unit.

 3, hand twist card until the plunger in the knife card positioning, then the cutting edge of the body with the clip on the arrow in a straight line, if the cutting edge relative to the arrow 180 degrees, then we can adjust the wrench will Adjust the jacket to turn clockwise half a circle, turn the boring knife clockwise by hand to the correct position, and then in this position to hold the knife card, while adjusting the hand wrench to adjust the wrench rotation, when the knife card guide pin When the guide hole at the bottom of the boring unit is reached, the guide pin has been positioned in the guide hole.