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Analysis On Wear Cause Of Wheel Diamond Wheel
- Dec 13, 2016 -

With the development of society, and now each family has the ability to match their own car, family car in the choice, most of the choice of third-generation wheel bearings, the advantage is wear-resistant run, then the wheel bearing repair our What to dress it, today we have to look at, used to repair the wheel bearing diamond wheel wear causes analysis:

1, the wear resistance of diamond wheel with the wear resistance of diamond characteristics, the direction of the different crystal is very different, you can see the diamond dressing roller diamond wear relationship.

2, while the use of diamond dressing wheel limits with the diamond wear, dressing cooling fluid pressure and so have a great impact.

3, the diamond wheel on the diamond after the high-variable inconsistencies, the workpiece roughness, waviness increases, more than the set allowable values, from all aspects of precision can explain the life of the diamond dressing wheel has to the end.