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Diamond Grinding Wheel Dresser In The Design Of What Points To Note
- Dec 13, 2016 -

1, for the equipment company's own use of diamond dresser, before the design and Henan stone diamond dressing group of technical staff to communicate and contact, in the design, the spindle size to the national standard within the assembly gap in the 4 microns to 6 microns.

2, the design, the finishing wheel of the spindle as much as possible to choose high-precision, the best conditions can choose to have a screw-driven feed (horizontal feed), with angular rotation (turntable), with CNC lift device dresser Vertical movements) and the angle of tilt of the device, the motor speed adjustable (frequency), of course, the general principle is the best economic application.

3, dresser spindle to be corrected to ensure that parallel with the grinding wheel spindle, to minimize errors. Trimming a feed when not too much to a small number of times as a principle.