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How To Use The Piston Ring Diamond Forming Roller
- Dec 13, 2016 -

Piston ring is one of the parts of the engine, the accuracy of the level of a direct impact on the performance of the engine, the car's engine is the heart of the car, directly to the car to provide power, people buy the car to look at the performance of the engine before deciding whether to buy or not, Therefore, the piston ring forming grinding is the most critical step, the piston ring grinding we generally recommend that customers use the diamond forming wheel for grinding, the following we come to know what the use of piston ring diamond wheel:

1, we use the piston ring diamond molding wheel, we must first look at the speed: the wheel should choose the appropriate rotation speed, the line speed and wheel speed than the general 0.2 ~ O. 4, forbidden line speed is 0 or the speed ratio is l. Roller rotation direction is divided into repair and reverse repair two categories, the vast majority of follow repair method (wheel and wheel contact point line speed direction);

2, followed by the cooling of the diamond forming roller: wheel in the dressing wheel should have sufficient high-pressure cooling device, the coolant pH (PH value) should be neutral, acidity over the General Assembly will lead to coolant corrosion roller metal binding agent, will greatly Reduce the service life of the wheel.