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Introduction Of Several Kinds Of Abrasives For Diamond Wheel
- Dec 13, 2016 -

1, chrome steel jade chrome steel jade hardness and white corundum similar toughness better (between corundum and white corundum between), so the grinding wheel durability and grinding efficiency higher than the white corundum. While grinding to maintain a longer grinding wheel abrasive cutting edge of the contours of the high (ie abrasive cutting edge in the same circumferential surface plane), so under the same conditions. Grinding with chrome corundum grinding wheel surface of the workpiece than the white corundum grinding wheel slightly higher, due to the above characteristics, chrome steel jade grinding for a variety of hardened high-strength steel and high gloss finish requirements of gauges, instrument parts, Suitable for forming grinding and sharpening tools. Chrome steel prices higher, only suitable for fine grinding.

2, monocrystalline corundum (GD) and microcrystalline corundum (GW) single crystal corundum has a high hardness and toughness, grinding process broken line is good. For grinding stainless steel and high-temperature high-speed steel and other toughness. High hardness of the steel when the effect is better, microcrystalline steel jade high strength, good toughness, self-sharpening than single crystal corundum good for grinding stainless steel. Bearing steel and special ball cast iron, etc., can also be used for high-quality finish grinding.