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Precautions For Using Diamond Tools
- Dec 13, 2016 -

1. Before using the new dresser, exit from the last trim feed. Many brittle diamond dressing tools, in the beginning of contact with the wheel, are vulnerable to damage.

2. Install the diamond dressing tool head at an angle of 10-15 ° to the direction of rotation of the grinding wheel.

3. Firmly install the dresser or clamp trimmer tool, do not hang the tool head too long.

4. Whenever possible, use coolant whenever possible. During the entire dressing time, the dressing tool is placed in contact with the grinding wheel with the coolant.

5. At the beginning of the dressing, it is taken from the highest point of the grinding wheel, usually the middle of the grinding wheel.

6. Note that a small amount of repair. The maximum depth of repair, for coarse repair: 0.001-0.002 inches. For fine addition: 0.0005-0.001 inches.

7. Press the appropriate manual to select the appropriate traverse speed. The slower the traverse speed (in the allowable range), the lower the wheel surface roughness is obtained.

8. The grinding wheel must be trimmed in the specified time interval to prevent the grinding wheel from becoming blunt, increasing the grinding force.

9. Rotate the dressing tool in the toolholder 1/8 turns at a specified time interval to ensure that the dressing tool is always sharp.

10. When the diamond dresser or tool head blunt or obvious flat, should be timely adjusted and replaced.

11. According to the diameter of the grinding wheel, the CARAT content (diamond content) of the diamond is chosen rationally. The larger the wheel diameter is, the bigger the CARAT value is.