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Speaking Of The Reasons For The Decline In The Quality Of The Piston Wheel
- Dec 13, 2016 -

1, first of all, no matter what the tools have to choose their hardness, hardness level that the binder on the size of the abrasive holding force, it is an important indicator of the manufacturer process control, grinding performance is the user's choice of the main parameters. The hardness of diamond wheel uniformity and stability and hardness of the reasonable choice is to ensure the quality of grinding an important prerequisite. Piston diamond dressing roller generally have 3 to 7 hardness levels to choose from, at present, the domestic selection of the hardness of the piston wheel diamond wheel can generally reach 5 or more.

2, Secondly, the choice of concentration, the level of concentration that the grinding wheel in the face of the diamond grinding wheel per unit area to participate in the number of grinding, high concentration can bring high grinding ratio, 200% concentration ratio of 100 % Of the concentration of long life of 4 to 5 times. At present, high-speed, high-efficiency grinding are used in higher concentrations, such as imported grinding camshaft grinder matching concentrations are generally 200%.

3, again, the choice of diamond abrasive, in the grinding process, the abrasive is the main grinding wheel, diamond wheel can be used CBN wheel dressing abrasive, followed by corundum abrasive, camshaft machining in such high-intensity grinding case , The use of CBN abrasive is the best choice. CBN abrasives of different grades have different crystal shapes and particle shapes, and they have different strength, thermal stability, resistance to chemical attack and crushing characteristics due to different manufacturing processes. The choice of grinding fluid type, pressure and flow rate must also be considered.