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The Use Of Blind Hole Diamond Reamer
- Dec 13, 2016 -

1. We diamond reamers in the lathe, drilling, grinding machines, power first class equipment used for the tool or the workpiece requires a workpiece called the floating head, so that the tool can be used to float the form of universal joints for the workpiece can be The use of hand-floating or design fixture, so that after cutting the workpiece accuracy.

 2. For the lubricating fluid, we here mainly to achieve the cooling effect, available kerosene and oil as coolant, the proportion is generally 80% kerosene plus 20% oil, or esterification cutting fluid.

 3. Cutting speed, for the use of reamer process, we also need to pay attention to is the cutting speed, for this type of tool, in order to achieve the best surface roughness and type of tolerance tolerance, the tool has a best cutting speed is generally selected 625 m / min, feed to 0.103 MM / rev, the spindle speed of 60 - 400 r / min.

 4, when reaming the blind hole, to determine the hole to avoid the space, that is, we often say that the empty sipe, know the empty sipe, we design a good knife technology, the general recommendations of customers to stay 2-3 wire Empty knife slot, is conducive to chip removal.