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Reverse Osmosis

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Updated on: 2020-01-10 09:03
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Reverse Osmosis, English is Reverse Osmosis, it describes a natural water penetration process in the Reverse process.A thin film that is selective to the material passing through is called a semi-permeable film.Films that can only pass through solvents but not solutes are generally considered as ideal semi-permeable membranes.When the same volume of dilute solution and the sides of the thick liquid were placed in a container in the middle of a semi-permeable membrane, dilute solution of the solvent nature through a semipermeable membrane, flowing the concentrated solution side, the side of the strong solution liquid level than the dilute solution of liquid level above a certain height, and form a pressure difference, achieve osmotic balance state, the pressure difference is the osmotic pressure.The size of osmotic pressure depends on the type of concentration, and the concentration and temperature are independent of the properties of the semi-permeable membrane.If a pressure greater than osmotic pressure is applied to the side of the concentrated solution, the solvent in the concentrated solution will flow to the dilute solution, that is, reverse osmosis occurs. 
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