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Pressure ball machine

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Price: Negotiable
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Address: China
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Updated on: 2020-01-02 16:50
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 Mainly suitable for all kinds of powder pressing ball, such as: light burned magnesium powder active lime powder and some other materials can also be added trace water or other adhesives, such as: silicon manganese alloy powder manganese carbon alloy powderRaw material after preloading machine for material forced exhaust into two horizontal roller, two roller by machine of decelerate of hard tooth face (double output shaft) powered two-way constant speed rotation, the adjustable preloading machine spindle revolutions to ensure that the upper two roll space remain the state of filling materials, ball cavity with roller rotating the surface of material is compressed into the closed state, and then the ball is in a state of mouth cavity, compressed block material due to the effect of imbalance of the force and the gravity of natural to emerge from the ball cavity pressure ball material during the process of actual density can increase 1 to 3 times, so as to achieve a certain intensity requirement
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