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Automatic forming machine

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Price: Negotiable
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Address: China
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Updated on: 2020-01-10 09:03
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 1.It can automatically shape various fiber reinforced resin grinding wheels of ¢300-405mm at the rate of 14-18 seconds per grinding wheel (about 1800 pieces produced in class).2.Adopting PLC control, it can automatically complete the actions of spreading, baking, pressing, pressing, unloading and so on.3.Each layer of material is divided into two parts, which can effectively improve the balance degree and appearance quality of the grinding wheel.4.Variable frequency motor, reduction gear drive plate, pneumatic positioning pin accurate positioning, instead of the indexing head drive, reduce the price of the product.5.The head can be quickly and floatably installed on the movable work table of the press, which can be directly pressed into the mold cavity, and is equipped with an automatic wax coating device to prevent contact with the grinding wheel.Can reduce the operator and reduce labor intensity.6.Main engine standard configuration is 315 tons and 400 tons.
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