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Drying equipment

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Price: Negotiable
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Address: China
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Updated on: 2020-01-10 09:03
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 Product introductionThe transmission mode of the microwave drying equipment can be divided into belt type, chain type, chain type and so on.It is mainly used for heating, drying, sterilizing and expanding of various materials.For the materialThe microwave drying equipment can be used in agricultural and sideline products, food, medicine, chemical industry, powder, non-ferrous metal and other fields:Food category: such as soybean products, flowers, edible fungi, grains, dried fruit, leisure food, additives, expanded products;Powder: such as tungsten ore, silicon carbide, silicon materials, silicon wafer, silicon rod, diamond, etc.Medicine: such as pharmaceutical intermediates, Chinese medicine yinpian, pill, powder, etc.;Chemical: such as inorganic salts, catalysts, rubber additives.
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